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Hidden Speed Bump E-mail
Tuesday, 27 June 2006 20:46
 shidden_speed_bump.jpgWatch these cars as they go over a hidden speed bump at high rates of speed. This thing is going to cause a serious accident one day.
Bike Racer Meets Camera Man E-mail
Thursday, 08 March 2007 05:00
 sbike_race_cameraman.jpgIt looks like this camera man got a little too close to the race action. I am surprised that people did not start beating the camera man up after this.
Snow Board Face Plant E-mail
Tuesday, 27 June 2006 20:46
 ssnow_board_facial.jpgShort video of a snowboard jump that turns into a face plant. Even though she landed in snow this probably still hurt pretty bad.
Learning To Do A Wheelie E-mail
Monday, 05 February 2007 22:52
 slearning_wheelie.jpgWARNING: Language - A dude tries to learn how to ride a wheelie on a motorcycle. His first couple of tries are pretty lame but that last one is really something! :)
Idiotic Stunt E-mail
Monday, 02 July 2007 14:27
 tn_idiotic_stunt.jpgIdiotic Stunt - Ugh. Aren't they all, really?
Drive Thru Prank E-mail
Monday, 06 November 2006 03:00
 tn_drive_thru_prank.jpgIt would have been better if she would have thrown the fry-grease at them. Still hot.
Shaky Tree E-mail
Sunday, 04 May 2008 18:16
 tn_shaky_tree.jpgAlways remember kids. When chopping down trees... yeah. I don't know what to tell you. Just don't do it this way.
Snowmobile Crashes Into Fans E-mail
Tuesday, 27 June 2006 20:46
 ssnowmobile_crash_fan.jpgDuring a snowmobile race one guy loses control and crashes into the fans that are watching the race. It looks like they all made it ok though.
Rough Plane Landing E-mail
Tuesday, 27 June 2006 20:46
 srough_plane_landing.jpgThis plane does not crash but it has a pretty rough landing. I hope no one was in the planes bathroom at the time. If they were I am sure they got messy!
Circus Ski Jump Crash E-mail
Tuesday, 27 June 2006 20:46
 scircus_ski_crash.jpgAn accident from a circus show is caught on tape. One of the guys that tries to jump a ski ramp messes up and slams right into the ramp.
Rastle Kaboom E-mail
Tuesday, 27 June 2006 20:46
 tn_rastle_kaboom.jpgIt's all fake. Heh heh.
Prerunners Net E-mail
Monday, 02 October 2006 19:46
 tn_prerunners_net.jpgCrashes! This time, in the desert!
End Of The Weekend E-mail
Tuesday, 27 June 2006 20:46
 tn_end_of_the_weekend.jpgThe end of a good weekend.
Toyota Sports Bloopers E-mail
Monday, 13 November 2006 20:46
 tn_toyota_sports_bloopers.jpgA really funny Toyota commercial with lots of sports bloopers and accidents.
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